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Itzel Gonzalez Escamilla
 Mexico , Monterrey
female, 20 years old
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Bare Essentials

Personal Information

Name: Itzel Gonzalez Escamilla
Date of Birth: 15/01/1994
Gender: female
City: Monterrey
Region: Nuevo Leon
Country: Mexico
Education Level: Associates or Equivalent (in progress)
Profession: Student
Citizenship: Mexican
Native Language: Spanish
Default Site Language: Español
Timezone: Central Time (US & Canada) (GMT-06:00)

My Elevator Pitch

hello my name is Itzel Gonzalez, and i am here because i want to tell you how i am. So, if you wanna know me i can tell something about me like i am a nice girl, honest, original, funny,cool, responsible, i love the peace and love.

i am a good person with good feelings and dreamer. The best of me is when you know me you know i am a best person then you expected. I really want found a institution because i want learn an other lenguaje like english or french or whatever other all the lenguajes we're good.
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My International Experience

Type: Travel

name of organization/institution:
where? United States
when? 04/07/2009 until 25/07/2009
brief explanation:
would I do it again? Absolutely!
My Plan

The Basics

Level(s) of study I'm interested in:
  • Language Programs - I don't know yet
  • Online Distance Learning - I don't know yet
Getting In
open admissions policy: No
graduation rate: No
glbt-friendly: No
Areas of Interest

Distance Learning Programs

Language Programs

Language Courses: None
Languages: None

My Languages
Languages I speak:
  • Spanish - Advanced
  • English - Intermediate