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 Brazil , Formosa
male, 19 years old
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Bare Essentials

Personal Information

Name: Kayque
Date of Birth: 30/07/1995
Gender: male
City: Formosa
Region: Goiás
Country: Brazil
Education Level: Pre-High School
Profession: Student
Citizenship: Brazilian
Native Language: Portuguese
Default Site Language: Português (Brasil)
Timezone: Brasilia (GMT-03:00)

My Elevator Pitch

Hi, i'm just a dreamer, one who chases their dreams and i fight for them, because for me no matter the obstacle, but as I will defeat it and emerge victorious. I dream of studying in another country, my parents are fighting, they gave me the best education and i study in the best college in my town. I don't have much money but i have enough to keep me. I want a scholarship, because I know that when I return to Brazil i'll be successful.
I already have a basic knowledge of English.
Thanks! Kayque Santos, remember that name because you will hear it a lot.
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Bells & Whistles

My Hobbies

  • Photography:
  • Athletics: Natação
ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino
heritage: Pardo
My Plan

The Basics

My previous experience abroad: I have no experience abroad
Level(s) of study I'm interested in:
  • Language Programs - I don't know yet
Countries/regions where I would like to study:
  • United States
    • Utah
      • Salt Lake City
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom

My Goals

I plan to do a civil engineering college, do some study abroad and be fluent in a language other than Portuguese. I hope the site can help me, because I never had opportunities to take a course or a college. I imagine in 2030 as head of a civil construction company, where we offer architects, engineers, builders and building materials.
My School Preferences
School Setting: Urban
Student Diversity: Very diverse
Other School Options:
  • Religiously affiliated
  • Co-ed (men and women)
Getting In
open admissions policy: No
graduation rate: No
glbt-friendly: No
Areas of Interest

Language Programs

Language Courses: None
Languages: None

My Languages
Languages I speak:
  • English - Beginner
  • Portuguese - Advanced