About us for Educational Providers

Edufindme is a service of FPPEDUMedia, a marketing organization dedicated to international education.

What is Edufindme?

Edufindme is an online network, designed to bring the world of education together. It uses an intelligent service that cross-references the information of its users and suggests matches to its users based on what they seek in international education.

Intelligent online network

On Edufindme, students, institutions, agencies and organizations create profiles and connect with one another on an international level.

Students provide background information about their education and indicate what they seek in terms of study abroad. Educational providers provide information about their programs, campuses and services.

Edufindme processes the information of both parties and matches them according to what each party seeks. Users are also able to search for prospective students/schools based on the information provided other users (such as nationality, program of interest, etc.).

School Management System

Edufindme organizes the networks of both students and institutions, in an intuitive manner that allows each user to filter their network based on various criteria such as location, match percentage, application status, etc.

Recruitment tool

Edufindme is used by educational providers to target international student recruitment efforts and engage students throughout recruitment and enrollment process.

Smart organization of your conversation

Edufindme uses its integrated messaging center to organize conversations between you and those in your network. It serves as a Customer Relationship Management System, where you can filter the communication with others in your network by type of user, location, nationality and many other customizable tags. Edufindme's messaging center also allows you to send targeted group messages to users based on criteria so that you can segment your outreach efforts.