Students want to connect with people... not logos
Every student in these pictures has a profile in the network and hundreds of thousands more do as well.

Why it works

Smart Technology
  • STUDENTS say what they look for. EDUCATORS say what they offer. EDUFINDME matches them up and shows each other who the best matches are. This is what we call an effective use of your time and investment.
  • Much more than a lead generation site. INTERACT and RECRUIT with quality international students.
  • EDUFINDME APP for smartphones makes interaction with students easy from anywhere you might be.
Extensive Reach
  • Over half a million-student profiles. See an example of a real profile here.
  • The EDUFINDME Facebook page has more than HALF A MILLION fans, by far the most popular among its kind.
  • is constantly fueled by FPP EDUMedia event registrations throughout the year.
High Quality International Students
  • EDUFINDME is not a tool for universities to find domestic students. It's focused on international students.
  • Each student on EDUFINDME has validated their email address and taken the time to create a full profile. As they connect with institutions, students keep their profiles up-to-date, and actively engage.
  • You can see each student's full profile with information on when, where and what he/she wants to study abroad before you invite them to join your network.
The Most Visited Website Of Its Kind In Latin America
  • Review EDUFINDME's rankings on,,, or any other website metric platform.
  • Check other education websites and compare the rankings, there is no better place to get connected with the best students from Latin America.

EDUFINDME only accepts accredited Institutions and it only accepts agents who provide references.

Upon receiving your registration, we will contact you and see if you would like to schedule a 15 minute conference call to make sure you can get the most out of EDUFINDME.COM.

Now choose your marketing plan below and start connecting with prospective students.

Need some help identifying which marketing plan suits you the most? Send us an email at, and we will get in touch with you shortly.

See the details on each EDUFINDME marketing plan below and choose the best for you
Plans and Pricing
per month
per year
per month
per year
per year
Communicate quickly and effectively with students
Use Edufindme's intelligent messaging center.
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Grow your partnerships with schools and agencies
Connect with any agent or university for free.
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Turn all your requests into leads
Students who request to join your network from this point forward are added to your EDUFINDME network automatically at no cost (requiring no EDUFINDME credits).
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Keep students in Edufindme up-to-date about your school
Send posts to thousands of students in Edufindme each week.
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Send a focused message to your target audience
Get a private email blast to promote your programs to your target audience.
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A webinar with Edufindme students
You bring the presentation and Edufindme brings students from your target audience.
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