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Every student in your network is conveniently stored in your account. Whether you've connected with students through, captured their bar-codes at one of our fairs, engaged with them at one of your webinars, or even if they entered your booth at one of our virtual fairs, all of them are part of your network. Colleges and universities have access to students profiles including their contact information through or the EDUFINDME app.

edufindme for schools all in one app

See the proactive results to help your strategy

Statistics are provided so that you can measure your ROI, see how many views your profile page has per day, how many students clicked on your application button, breakdown the stats by nationality, see which students out of your network visited your page and contact them.

Did you know? 3,771,576 million students are enrolled in EDUFINDME

Get better insight into what students are looking for

Students on have a Global Wall, which is similar to a news feed. See what questions students are asking and what their interests are. Connect and grow your network.

edufindme for schools better insight into what students are looking for

Easily engage with leads and boost conversion

Students can search by institution, course type and or location, once they find your profile page and request to join your network, the conversation can begin, they can use the message button to ask questions and they will also see your Global Wall posts. Posts can be text, photos or videos.

edufindme for schools engage with leads and boost conversion

A comprehensive overview of our core features

edufindme mobile and web
Mobile and Web

Communicate through mobile apps and web based application.

edufindme mobile and web

Meet students at our fairs, virtual fairs or webinars and continue the engagement online.

edufindme mobile and web
Measure your ROI

Access to data and statistics on your profile page.

edufindme mobile and web

Your profile page will be accessible by students from around the world. EDUFINDME will match students with your institution.

edufindme mobile and web
Keep your data

You have access to all the data on students who join your network, with the option to download to .csv file.

edufindme mobile and web

Create and participate on virtual fairs and invite your network.


" has created a revolutionary portal to connect with students. After making our presence more active on EDUFINDME, it has completely changed the way we recruit through it. It is for sure a great product and a new way of communicating with students. We have more quality leads, we actually received 3 complete applications from Vietnam, UAE and Ecuador, within 3 months of changing our strategy on EFM."

- Anais Escobar Gutierrez, International Recruitment Specialist for Colorado State University - Pueblo

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